Athletes & Active Lifestyles

CLn® for Athletes & Active Lifestyles

Sports and Physical Activity – Working out or working hard on the job helps a body stay healthy, but can put skin at an increased risk of infection. Bacteria, fungi and viruses are transmitted through contact sports, shared equipment, and high-use objects such as doorknobs, handles, etc. and thrive in sweaty environments. Cuts, scraps and areas subjected to friction are particularly vulnerable to infection. Effective cleansing is necessary to minimize potential for staph and MRSA infections, and microbial skin concerns such as acne, folliculitis, ringworm, athlete’s foot and jock itch. Deep cleaning is also helpful in preventing odor, as odor-causing germs can quickly multiply in damp conditions. 

Choose from the following CLn solutions for use after physical activity:

CLn® SportWash

skin prone to infection, acne, folliculitis and those with body odor

Essential for athletes & active lifestyles

  • Use on skin prone to acne, staph infection, back acne, razor bumps, folliculitis, ringworm, jock itch, and body & foot odor.
  • High performance head-to-toe cleansing: CLn SportWash is physician-designed for the challenges skin encounters in gyms, through contact sports and during extended periods of exertion. It removes dirt, grime and oil and soothes skin irritation.
  • Leaves skin looking healthy: CLn SportWash can be used every day to effectively cleanse skin.

CLn® SportWash Designed for athletes who compete in contact sports and people who work out at gyms or participate in other physical activities that promote sweat and oil on the skin. CLn® SportWash is easy to use in the shower and you can use a scrubber for difficult to reach areas such as the back.

CLn® Hand & Foot Wash

for hands, feet and nails prone to infection and odor

Expert cleansing for hands, feet and nails prone to infection

  • Use on hands and feet prone to nail fungus, infection, odor and athlete’s foot.
  • Deep cleans hands and feet: CLn Hand & Foot Wash delivers a deeper level of cleansing than ordinary soap. It is preserved with sodium hypochlorite and formulated with salicylic acid to remove the dirt and microbes that lead to unwanted hand, foot, and nail conditions.
  • Strong but gentle formula: Can be used every day, making it ideal for athletes, high activity professionals and diabetics.

CLn® Hand & Foot Wash - Proper hygiene, particularly between toes and around nailbeds, is especially important for healthy hands and feet. CLn® Hand and Foot Wash can be used daily or every other day for those who have dry skin. To further improve hygiene, wear ventilated shoes and clean dry socks.


1.) What is a top hygiene tip for athletes?

Shower with product within one hour of exercise and include brushing nails too. Proper hygiene and showering within one hour of exercise is known to reduce infections.

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