Medical Cleansing

CLn® for Hospital Stays, Nursing Homes and Special Health Concerns

Medical Cleansing – Individuals facing hospital stays, community living, ostomy care, and medical treatments such as skin surgery, dialysis and radiation need superior skin cleansing to minimize potential occurrence of infection and breakdown. People frequently visiting or working in healthcare settings also benefit from skin cleansing, as hospital-acquired infections can spread from a patient to caregivers. CLn's effective, but gentle, formula is designed specifically for skin prone to infection and irritation, is easy to use and is recommended by doctors.

CLn for Medical Cleansing:

CLn® BodyWash

for compromised skin prone to eczema, rash, folliculitis and infection

8 fl. oz. / Multi Pack / 3 fl. oz.


Safe for ages 6 months to age 106

  • Use on compromised skin prone to eczema, rash, redness, irritation, folliculitis & infection.
  • CLn BodyWash is proven to reduce the appearance of skin redness, dryness and flakiness seen with eczema when used for 2 minutes a day in the shower or bath.
  • Gentle, Non-Drying Formula:  With continued use, CLn leaves skin looking smooth, clear and healthy.

CLn BodyWash If you are new to the CLn® Skin Care experience, start here with the CLn® BodyWash. It can be used daily from head to toe and the smaller size (3.0 fl oz) is useful when traveling or for spot cleansing. 


1.) Is CLn a surgical antiseptic?

No. CLn products are not antiseptics. They are designed for skin prone to infection and can be used before and after surgery. But they should not replace surgical scrubbing products as prescribed by your doctors.

2.) Can CLn BodyWash be used to clean ostomy sites?

Yes. CLn BodyWash can be used to gently but effectively cleanse ostomy sites. It can also be used to wash hands before and after ostomy care.

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